TOIN has in-house software engineers who develop tools to work with various file formats/applications to increase productivity. With their help, the entire localization workflow can be streamlined. We are able to handle difficult software engineering requests. Please contact us freely to discuss matters. We will suggest solutions. If you would like to meet us in person, our engineers can join the meeting to provide ideas and solutions from an engineer's point of view.

The development team of TOIN has engineering capabilities which are backed by extensive experience in localization and documentation production. With these engineering capabilities, we can provide a service which also includes other contents.


In recent years, demand is increasing for translating videos that promote products and services at exhibitions, web pages and other places. Not only can TOIN translate scripts, but we can also insert subtitles/voice-overs, and create completely localized videos for customers.
Through the use of voice recognition technology, we can provide voice-overs at a lower cost.

Transcription (dictation)

We can transcribe text from audio, video and other files. We have vast experience transcribing Japanese and English text. For other languages, please contact us freely.


If provided with the source video file, we can complete insert subtitles in the video after transcribing and translating the material.

Dubbing (Voice-over)

As we have an in-house female narrator and a recording studio inside our company, we can flexibly provide voice-overs and editing work as requested.
If you need a male narrator, you can choose from our selection of voice-over artists to fit your brand.

Dubbing (Speech synthesis = Text-to-speech)

As we have a female voice machine (for Japanese) in-house, if a machine voice is acceptable, the turnaround time and cost can be reduced. This may be appropriate for projects that do not require a human narrator such as training materials.

Video Editing

After inserting voice-overs, we can edit the audio and video data so that they match. Other editing requests are also possible.

Video Creation

When localizing a tutorial video, we capture the screen and use it to create a video with a screen for Japanese. In addition, we offer services for planning, shooting, editing videos as well as composing background music for videos. Please contact us freely.