T-tact Powered by NICT

T-tact (TOIN Translation Assist by Cloud Technology) is a translation solution that utilizes the automatic translation engine "Minna-no-Jidou-Honyaku@TexTra®" (developed by National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT)) so that it can be used from a Computer-assisted translation tool (CAT/TMS).

Two versions are available: "Professional version" which can be used simultaneously by multiple users, and "Personal version" which is best suited for personal use.

The Professional version provides workflows that are required by a company such as translation support for multiple users and utilizing existing translation assets to unify terminology, reduce lead time and improve quality by recycling translations.

"Minna-no-Jidou-Honyaku@TexTra®" prohibits commercial use, but the T-tact Personal version allows the high precision machine translation engine (provided by NICT) to be used for translation work.