T-tact Ohaco

This solution lets you easily edit and modify machine translation output using the latest neural machine translation (Google NMT). Furthermore, by storing data with machine translation + human post-editing in the database, you can improve the quality of translations.

In addition, you can select not only the Google NMT engine, but also from among a variety of machine translation engines (some requiring a separate cost).


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NMT (Neural Machine Translation)

Machine translation to date has consisted mainly of rule-based machine translation that translates based on registered rules, and statistical machine translation that registers a large amount of bilingual data (usually called a “corpus”) and generates translated sentences by statistical methods. But, in 2016, Google announced its Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engine based on deep learning. The dramatic improvement in the quality of machine translation has attracted a lot of attention, and the utilization of NMT is expected to improve work efficiency in practical translation. TOIN has been conducting an empirical investigation on improving productivity also, and last year, we announced our results at the MT Summit (International Conference on Machine Translation).


The key to business success is how to effectively and safely use the NMT engine in the future.

The more you use the NMT engine, the more assets you accumulate in the form of translation data

By correcting the output of machine translation and storing it in the database, the more the NMT engine learns based on the translation data, so the more you use it, the better the quality becomes. You can also request an experienced professional translator in one stop.


“Machine + Human post-editing” cloud-based translation tool “T-tact Ohaco” accelerates business and achieves dramatic efficiency. What’s more, it will soon be possible to create translation assets for each user and company and to operate it on a semi-permanent basis.

Simple interface and file translation

We provide an interface that is intuitive to operate, even for those who are using it for the first time.

Furthermore, users can open the editing screen simply by dragging various files. If you correct the bilingual translation table produced by machine translation and add the corrected table to the database, it will be reflected in the next translation. Also, this solution makes it easy for users to get the translated files.


T-tact Ohaco


Supported formats

This solution supports Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), and PowerPoint (.pptx) formats from Microsoft Office 2007 and later, as well as CSV (.csv), HTML (.html), and PDF (.pdf) files.

In the case of PDFs, the file type when downloading will be Word (.docx) files.

Supported formats

The solution supports the following 23 languages.

Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Tagalog, Hindi, Myanmar, Mongolian, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, and Polish.

For those who want to…

□ Improve translation efficiency by using machine translation, but would like to correct the output result

□ Translate in-house because of confidential translations that can not be outsourced

□ Re-use translated assets

□ Understand the general outline of email and/or SNS messages

We recommend this solution for those who want to edit and use translation assets with machine translation.

Intuitive and easy-to-understand interface and file translation

We are preparing an interface that can be operated intuitively even for those who operate for the first time.

Furthermore, the user can acquire a translated file simply by dragging various files.


Price list

Starter  Small Medium Large Extra
JPY12,000 / month  JPY24,000 / month  JPY40,000 / month  JPY80,000 / month  JPY150,000 / month
5 users 15 users 30 users 100 users


 Translation manager:
Up to 1 user
 Translation manager:
Up to 3 users
 Translation manager:
Up to 5 users
 Translation manager:
Up to 10 users
 Translation manager:
Up to 20 users
 For inquiries  For inquiries  For inquiries  For inquiries  For inquiries


Monthly data storage volume

Free JPY10,000 / month JPY20,000 / month JPY30,000 / month
 Company + My Documents: Unlimited
Company + My Phrases: 100,000
Company + My Glossarie:1,000
 Company + My Glossaries: 1,000
Company + My Phrases: 300,000
Company + My Glossaries: 3,000
 Company + My Documents: Unlimited
Company + My Phrases: 500,000
Company + My Glossaries: 5,000
 Company + My Documents: Unlimited
Company + My Phrases: 1,000,000
Company + My Glossaries: 10,000

Initial cost: JPY100,000 (common to all company plans)
Add translation manager: JPY4,000
Contracts are only annual contracts. The will be a lump sum payment when service use starts. All amounts exclude tax.


Genius Dictionary (Japanese / English) – Monthly JPY200 / user

For the meaning, grammar, and example sentences using words, you can refer to the Genius dictionary results in the side panel.

Data import / export – From JPY50,000~

We can import and export your data in bulk.

Terms of use · Privacy policy

Terms of use : https://to-in.com/t-tact-ohaco-terms

Privacy policy : https://to-in.com/t-tact-ohaco-privacy

Trial period

We offer a trial period of 30 days before you officially apply, so you can apply after confirming actual usability (please inform us at, t-tact_support@to-in.co.jp, if you would like a trial)

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For inquiries, please contact us here.

Email: t-tact_support@to-in.co.jp