Now a Subsidiary of Takara Printing Co., Ltd.TOIN has become a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Takara Printing Co., Ltd.

Please be advised that, on February 15, 2019, TOIN Corporation officially became a wholly owned subsidiary of Takara Printing Co., Ltd.
Given the increasing number of foreign shareholders in Japan’s stock market and the globalization of customers’ businesses, Takara Printing Co., Ltd. is expanding into the area of translation services.

By becoming a member of the Takara Printing Group, TOIN gains a huge strategic competitive advantage. We aim to enhance our competitiveness both in Japan and overseas and to further expand our customer base.

In becoming a subsidiary, you can rest assured that our company name will remain the same.
There will be no changes in the services we provide to our customers. By strengthening our business foundation, we will be able to provide even higher quality services.
Our partners too can rest assured that our relationship with them will not be adversely affected.

Please see here for more details.

We are excited to take this step and look forward to delivering even better service to you.