Video Translation/Production

Videos have assumed all the more importance for companies with the rise in online trade shows and meetings due to the impact of COVID-19. Videos hold the highest places in web search results, and play a major role in our lives. More companies are expected to adopt videos for their instruction manuals and for communicating information.

In addition to translating video subtitles, we perform all video-related tasks, including planning, shooting, dubbing, adding BGM and creating images, and full-package video production. We also provide low-cost dubbing using synthetic voice (Text to Speech). Video translation differs from standard translation due to the need to align the number of characters/words displayed and the timing of the speaker’s voice. At TOIN we can prepare scripts for translation in advance with the timing and number of characters/words calculated for our video translation staff to translate. Some video contents require localization for particular regions. TOIN can provide apt suggestions matching your intentions and budget.

TOIN’s Full Video One-stop ServiceTM

You only have to supply the video; we’ll take care of all the rest of the work.
TOIN’s onsite team of dedicated staff can deliver exactly what you need.

Video Translation/Production flowchart

Subtitle translationWe create concise translations easy for viewers to grasp.
Subtitles must be adjusted to the content of the video and the display timing. Our dedicated staff prepare a script in advance identifying the timing and number of characters/words.
All translations are checked by native speakers, not only for English and Japanese but also multiple other languages.
Dubbing and narrationPlease consult with us for dubbing by professional voice actors in multiple languages, or synthetic voice (Text to Speech) dubbing matched to your budget.
e-LearningWe localize all the contents contained in learning courses, including video, audio, and exercises (e.g. quizzes).
Our localization accurately adapts the contents of exercises and so forth according to the target language for translation.
Video production
and editing
Our onsite team of dedicated staff can provide support even when making a new video from scratch, right from the planning stage.
We can then adapt the finished video to multiple languages.
We can also adjust the content of the video according to the region it is being translated for.
Production of
computer graphics
and background music
We can produce highly specialized computer graphics and background music according to your needs.

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