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In recent years, videos have been attracting a high level of attention. With 5G, the communication environment has improved and videos can be viewed anywhere. Videos have become a part of people’s lives and is indispensable due to changing lifestyles and other reasons. It is no longer unusual for companies to incorporate video marketing. In addition, with the globalization of business, the need for video translations is increasing. In global business, video content is something that a business must have.

Video advertising and video content are effective tools for companies to achieve marketing success. With the increasing use of video in various aspects of global business, high-quality video translation and video content creation has become the key to business success.

■Advantages of Using Video

Video is very popular these days, and there are five main advantages

1. Ability to communicate a lot of information
Video content contains multiple pieces of information, including “audio,” “video,” and “tickers/subtitles. Hirofumi Ito of Aichi University states that moving images contain 30 times more information than still images and one million times more information than text*. Thus, videos containing multiple pieces of information are by far more informative than other content.
*Reference: Hirofumi Ito – From Text to Image and Video – Thesis – researchmap

2. Makes it easy to communicate information accurately
The strength of video content is that it contains multiple pieces of information simultaneously, making it easy to convey information accurately. The close proximity to real-time video, actual movements, and chronological description help to enhance viewer understanding.
Another advantage of video is that it allows for deeper understanding in a way that compensates for the lack of information, for example, by using video to provide explanations that are difficult to express in words, or by using tickers or subtitles when the information is difficult to understand with video alone.

3. Makes an impression and is easy to remember
In video, where multiple pieces of information are provided simultaneously, the content jumps out at you at the same time as multiple different visual and auditory stimuli. Makiko Naka of Hokkaido University says that memories that are emotionally charged are easier to remember, and information that is connected to other information in various ways is also harder to forget.
Videos that appeal to a variety of emotions with multiple pieces of information are superior to others because they are impressive and memorable.

*Reference:Emotion and Memory ( only)

4. High diffusivity
The advantage of video is its high diffusivity. The ability to instantly spread information around the world through various channels, such as YouTube and other video distribution platforms and social networking services, is a major strength of marketing using video. In addition, because online sharing makes it easy to search and stream, the marketing effects through video’s diffusivity, such as viewing it as related video content, sharing it on SNS sites, etc. is attractive.

5. High degree of freedom to “watch” and “listen” according to the viewing environment
With the proliferation of smartphones and 5G, video can now be viewed anytime, anywhere. In some cases, when watching videos while on the move, some people just listen to audio or only view images. For example, they may want to quickly understand the content of a message without listening to the audio, or may want to listen only to the audio without looking at the screen while working on other tasks. The ability to freely choose the viewing method for the same content according to the viewing environment, content, and purpose is an advantage that is unique to video.

■Disadvantages of Video

Although video has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. That is, the technology required for creating videos and the time required for filming and editing. Training personnel with video creation skills or outsourcing video creation each cost time as well as money.

The translation of videos is another essential step in global business. As localization needs to be optimized for each region, translation requires finding a translation company that meets certain criteria, such as one that has expertise in localization as well as translation knowledge, or one that has knowledge of video translation. So, if you are considering video translation, it is safer to hire a translation company that can perform translation and video creation simultaneously, including localization, in a different language than to separate translation and video creation.

Partly due to the impact of COVID-19, exhibitions and meetings are increasingly moving online, further increasing the importance of video for companies. Video dominates the top search results and has come to play a major role in our daily lives. In the future, an increasing number of companies will use video for instruction manuals and for disseminating corporate information.

■TOIN Video Translation

Toin not only translates video subtitles, but also provides comprehensive services for all aspects of video creation, including planning, shooting, dubbing, BGM and image creation, and production of complete video packages. We also offer a low-cost voice-over option using synthesized speech (Text to Speech) to suit your budget.

Unlike text-based translation, the translation of video (images) requires careful consideration of the number of characters displayed and matching the timing to the speaker’s speech. Toin prepares the script for translation in advance, determines the timing and number of characters, and then the video translation staff translates the script accordingly.

In some cases, localization is also necessary to change the video content to match the target locale. We can help you expand your business and video marketing through video by creating proposals that are appropriate according to your objectives and budget. For global business success, you can count on Toin to work with you to create projects through video creation, and to create content that is optimized for the global marketplace.

TOIN’s Full Video One-stop ServiceTM

All you need to do is supply us with the relevant video and we will do all the work related to the video.
Because Toin has dedicated in-house staff, customers do not have to worry about differences in staff skills, and we are able to promptly provide the best service in the most appropriate manner at all times.
Whether you need it in one language or multiple languages, we can handle the entire video creation process with confidence, including subtitling, voice-over and narration, optimization of content for the local market, video creation and editing, and CG and background music depending on the content, industry, and business. Please feel free to consult with us about your video translation needs, from partial revision of the relevant video content to the creation of new content.

Video Translation/Production flowchart

Subtitle translationWe create concise translations easy for viewers to grasp.
Subtitles must be adjusted to the content of the video and the display timing. Our dedicated staff prepare a script in advance identifying the timing and number of characters/words.
All translations are checked by native speakers, not only for English and Japanese but also multiple other languages.
Dubbing and narrationPlease consult with us for dubbing by professional voice actors in multiple languages, or synthetic voice (Text to Speech) dubbing matched to your budget.
e-LearningWe localize all the contents contained in learning courses, including video, audio, and exercises (e.g. quizzes).
Our localization accurately adapts the contents of exercises and so forth according to the target language for translation.
Video production
and editing
Our onsite team of dedicated staff can provide support even when making a new video from scratch, right from the planning stage.
We can then adapt the finished video to multiple languages.
We can also adjust the content of the video according to the region it is being translated for.
Production of
computer graphics
and background music
We can produce highly specialized computer graphics and background music according to your needs.

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