Interpreting/Temporary staffing


With its large pool of experienced interpreters, TOIN can provide simultaneous interpretation, sequential interpretation, whispered interpretation to support international communication in various scenes including conferences and seminars. Interpreting requires the collaboration of interpreters and a coordinator. Since TOIN has been involved in language-related services for more than half a century, we can coordinate the best interpreting team to meet the needs of our customers. Wherever you are in the world, seamless verbal communication without a language barrier is possible face-to-face or through communication technology such as Skype.

– Supported languages: Japanese <> English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, etc.

– Supported areas: Japan, US, Canada, EU, etc. By using communication technology such as Skype and WebEX, interpreting and other language services are possible regardless of the location.

– Supported fields: Interpreting for events such as conferences, business meetings, audits, press conferences and seminars in various fields (IT, medical, finance, insurance, etc). We also offer escort interpreting.

– Interpreting equipment: For simultaneous interpreting and whispered interpreting projects that are held on-site in person, the latest high performance simultaneous interpreting equipment will be used.

Interpreting TypeDetailsInterpreters Required
Simultaneous InterpretingInterpreting is performed in real-time while the interpreter simultaneously listens to the speaker.4 hours: Up to 2 interpreters
8 hours: Up to 3 interpreters
Additionally, interpreting equipment will be needed.
Consecutive InterpretingInterpreting is performed after the speaker has finished speaking after a certain time.1 to 4 hours: 1 interpreter
4 to 8 hours: Up to 2 interpreters
Whispering InterpretingIf one or two participants in a conference need an interpreter, whispered interpreting is available.4 hours: Up to 2 interpreters
8 hours: Up to 3 interpreters

[Temporary staffing]

Worker dispatching business project permission number: faction 13-308566 → details

Paid employment placement permission number: 13 – Y – 309201 → details

it is a signature that has been engaged in services related to languages for more than half a century, there are many excellent staff members on language registration. We will review the needs of each case and dispatch the best translators. In addition to translators, we can dispatch all language related staff such as project managers, localization engineers and linggists. Even for cases that can not be outsourced due to confidentiality issues, we will dispatch registration staff of experts in each specialized field and each language which passed the original trial.

addition, even when it is troublesome work of translation coordination in the company, please leave it to the project manager dispatching staff of Yui. We collect necessary information and place orders and progress management to in-house translators and external translation companies. By using a solution that combines translation support tools and machine translation, you can carry out work related to languages inside your company, such as the maintenance of glossary / style guide for your company, accumulation of translation memories etc.

Please feel free to contact us.

Staff who can dispatchContents
translatorTranslators in English, Chinese, Korean, other Asian languages. We will respond promptly within your company to projects that we would like to respond quickly to fine deals, high confidentiality, can not place orders to the outside, etc.
Project manager will assign and assign assignments to appropriate translators inside and outside the company, such as cases where many translations are detailed every day, and will manage progress. We will also support the number of terms and style guide.
Localization engineerWe will dispatch engineers who are familiar with translation support tools and localization, such as file conversion and memory management.
linggistCheck and unify translation done inside and outside the company, and quality guide on translation, such as maintenance of style guide.
Other We will dispatch linguistic specialists according to various requests. We will also manage your translation assets using machine translation.