Implementing T-tact AN-ZIN®
on an on-premise or dedicated cloud server


■ On-premise and dedicated cloud implementations

On-premise implementation allows you to use T-tact AN-ZIN® on a server that your organization owns internally. Since all the systems are managed within your facility, it can adhere to your high security standards.
We can also build a dedicated cloud server on a cloud service such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) and implement T-tact AN-ZIN® on it.

Both types of implementation have advantages that are different from our SaaS (Software as a Service) plans:

– You will have unlimited use of the service since there is no character limit like in our SaaS plans.
– We can customize options tailored for your organization’s needs, which is not possible with our SaaS plans.
– We can easily ensure your organization’s security requirements.

On-premise and dedicated cloud implementations each have their own characteristics, so choose one that meets your organization’s needs.

TypeOn-premiseDedicated cloud
OverviewWe build and operate the service on a server in your organization.We create an exclusive environment for the customer on AWS (Amazon Web Services), and build and operate the system on it.
  • Can be built within your organization’s LAN environment. Since the server is managed within your facility, it allows you to meet various standards, such as regulations that require the server to be located within the country.

  • It is easier to pass security checks since the service is used within your internal LAN environment.
  • We can implement it in a shorter time by simply building a dedicated environment on the cloud server.
    Also, since there is no need to own a physical server, it is easier to change server specifications than with an on-premise server.
  • You can use all the features provided by T-tact AN-ZIN®.
  • No server maintenance is required in your organization’s facility.
  • Disadvantages
  • It takes time to select a server machine.
  • The machine must be managed and operated in your organization’s facility.
  • Larger-scale implementation can be difficult due to the limitation of physical servers in your facility.
  • The entire system depends on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

  • ■ We recommend on-premise or dedicated cloud implementation if your organization has the needs outlined below:


    – If your security checks are very strict and cloud services cannot be used

    – If you do not need a large-scale system and want to reduce running costs


    Dedicated cloud:

    – If it will be used by thousands of employees

    – If you want to operate the service on a dedicated server space for security reasons

    – If you want to start using it right away

    – If you want to use various engines like non-English and/or field-specific engines

    ■ Implementation process


    Implementation process 

    ■ Things to note before introduction

    Check mark Environment where the service will be installed

    Does your organization allow implementation on a cloud server (AWS)? Or do you want to operate it on your own server?

    Check mark Number of users

    How many users do you want to register in T-tact AN-ZIN®

    Check mark Number of concurrent sessions

    T-tact How many users are expected to use the service simultaneously out of the total number of users registered in T-tact AN-ZIN®?

    Check mark Language pairs

    Which languages will you translate from and to? Will it be a limited language pair, or will you use all the languages offered by T-tact AN-ZIN®?

    Check mark Connecting with other services

    Are you using any existing translation applications? If so, would you like to connect them with T-tact AN-ZIN®?

    Check mark PDF translation feature

    Do you need the PDF translation feature?

    ■ Implementation costs

    Costs vary greatly depending on the environment and functions you will use. After asking some questions and receiving your answers, we will contact you about the required environment such as OS/CPU/GPU/GPU-MEM/memory/storage and inform you of the estimated cost.
    Approximate costs include the following:

    Server costAnnual fee
    Renewed annually
    Update feeAnnual fee
    Renewed annually
    Initial development costFirst time onlyYesYes
    T-tact AN-ZIN® annual usage feeAnnual fee
    Renewed annually
    Annual maintenance supportAnnual fee
    Renewed annually

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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