Social Responsibility Policies

As a member of society, TOIN shall proactively undertake sustainable development goals (SDGs) regardless of whether they are in Japan or overseas, consciously engage in social equity, concern for the environment, and other responsible conduct in business activities, and hereby declares the TOIN Social Responsibility Policies as follows.

Acceptance of diversity

We do not practice any form of discrimination regardless of whether it is based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, SOGI, presence of a disability, or age, etc.

Acceptance of gender diversity

We respect sexual minorities as represented by LGBT+ and refrain from violating the dignity of such persons.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

We strive to reduce carbon dioxide and aim to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

Resource initiatives

We prevent the waste of all resources beginning with paper, water, and electricity by reducing waste material and engaging in recycling.

Supply chain coexistence and co-prosperity

We respect our suppliers as partners and aim to grow together with them.

Exclusion of forced labor and child labor, etc.

We prohibit the supply and use of any and all materials and services provided through human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor.

Work environment

We create a safe and healthy work environment and do not engage in excessive overtime and exploitative labor practices.

Labor rights

We comply with labor laws and respect the rights of workers.

Prevention of harassment

We do not permit any form of harassment behavior including sexual pestering, sexual harassment, and power harassment based on social status or authority.

Support for work-life management (or work and private life balance)

We provide nursing leave, temporary part time work, the maintenance of a telecommuting system, and various forms of support including a maternity leave system regardless of the covered employee so that our employees may choose diversified working styles while being able to continue working.

Prevention of corruption

We do not permit the supply, receipt, promise, demand, or request of money and goods or other unlawful economic benefits provided to foreign and domestic civil servants for the purpose of exerting an inappropriate influence on management or the execution of business in any and all transactions.

Exclusion of antisocial forces

We do not use or associate with organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups, companies or parties related to organized crime groups, corporate racketeers, or other antisocial forces.

Protection of personal information

To prevent the use of personal information without an individual’s consent as well as the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification, or leak of personal information, we maintain security systems, improve our management systems, provide thorough employee education, and take other necessary measures to implement safety measures and practice strict management of personal information.

September 1, 2021

TOIN Corporation

Representative Director and Chairman Ryusuke Okada