ISO Certification

ISO 17100 certificationJSA TSP ISO 17100 JSAT 003

ISO 17100 certifies that the quality of a translation service meets a certain high standard by indicating that each business process complies to corresponding requirements.
TOIN has a quality control system that provides higher quality translations and services for diversifying customer needs, and is working on improving operations so that it can continue providing "the best for customers".

TOIN Corporation – Headquarters – Certification Summary

Initial certification date November 18, 2015
Decision date October 4, 2021
Certification Standard ISO 17100: 2015
Certification Body JSA Solutions Co,Ltd.
Certificate of registration No JSAT 003
Scope Translation services for the "Information Technologies,Telecommunication, Industry" , “Medicine, Pharmaceuticals” and domains (Japanese to English, English to Japanese)

* All services in the applicable categories may not conform to ISO 17100.
* If you wish to hear about a particular service that is ISO 17100 certified, please contact a TOIN sales representative.