Enhance the Appeal of Content with Video Translation

As smartphone ownership increases and communication technology continues to develop, videos have become a bigger part of our lives. Many companies use them in their business operations, and they are also incorporating them more into their marketing efforts. But how should videos be used in business, and can they also be effective for global business?

In this entry, we will look at the benefits of using videos in business and explain the key principles of video translation for global business.

The Benefits of Video Subtitles

More and more videos are subtitled and captioned in recent years, regardless of the language used. Subtitles and captions enable the viewer to obtain information with both the eyes and the ears, making for easier and deeper understanding of a video’s content.

Subtitles and captions also enable people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, or on a train or in other location where playing a video with sound isn’t ideal, to enjoy your video content.

There are many advantages to adding subtitles and captions to your videos, and there will surely be even more opportunities in the future to provide captioned videos for viewers who are accustomed to them.

Features of Videos and Benefits of Using Them in Marketing

No longer are videos only used for entertainment: they also see much use in business. There are three major benefits to using them in your marketing strategies:

1. Convey a large amount of information
Videos can convey an impressive amount of information in an expressive way, more so than just text or images alone.

2. Easily attract interest
Videos with audio and animation are eye-catching and enticing. Even if someone merely glances at a video, it will remain in their memory and spark interest.

3. Easily connect a vicarious experience to something a viewer actually wants to experience

A realistic vicarious experience shown in a video will make viewers want to actually experience it for themselves, increasing the appeal of the product or service.
Videos are highly compatible with business, so they can be attractive marketing methods that enhance appeal.

The Current State of Videos in Business

In the business sphere, videos are mainly used for advertising. In this method, videos created for promotional purposes are posted on websites or spread through social media services. The scale of video advertising has grown dramatically in recent years and even further growth is expected in the future.

Advertising isn’t the only use for videos: more companies are using them for many other applications, like manuals, presentations, and training materials. However, there are still many companies that don’t yet understand the benefits of videos or how to use them and are hesitant to implement new methods. It is expected that more and more companies will proactively incorporate videos into their digital transformation strategies.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Video Translation for Global Business

When using videos for global business, video translation is essential, but it should be noted that simple video translation imparts little appeal. Depending on the target region or customer, the video might not resonate at all, and there wouldn’t have been much point making the video in the first place.

If you want to create videos in multiple languages, consider doing something different from the typical approach of first creating a video in your main language. That’s because a video intended for speakers of that language will only appeal to people in that target and have little effect on the global base. Different regions have different cultures, customs and tastes, and different things will be accepted in various ways, so localization — in other words, optimizing the content for a target region — is necessary. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep multilingual translation in mind when creating and translating videos.

Toin’s Video Translation

Toin offers both video translation and video creation. We can provide you with a full range of services depending on your budget, from video script translation, adding subtitles and other on-screen text and narration dubbing, all the way to creating and editing the final video. Depending on your budget, we can offer dubbing by a narrator, or the lower-cost alternative of text-to-speech narration. We can even provide services that go beyond the scope of translation, including video editing after dubbing, planning, filming and editing.

We can also meet your needs on other video creation and editing projects, such as localizing audio-visual and voice content for online training, e-learning and practice problem sets, replacing and fixing on-screen text, materials and visuals to suit the target locale, and creating background music for content and even creating specialized CG.

Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about Toin’s video services, including video translation and translation services for multilingual videos.


At Toin, we use over half a century’s know-how to produce translations that convey what makes your products special, and the image you want your company or brand to portray. We are ready to support your company in promoting itself on the global business stage so that you can convey your product’s or brand’s story through everything related to video, whether it be subtitle translation, dubbing, video editing or creating audio-visual materials.

Our video translation is localized to make it easy to understand in your target language, with content optimized for the target region and easily understood audio-visual translations, helping lead to the success of your video marketing.

If you are looking for the best video translation for your video marketing project, please get in touch with us at Toin.

Toin is committed to training marketing translators so we can provide more effective translations that are in line with rapidly evolving marketing methods. If you need video marketing with the most appropriate translation that aligns with modern times, please feel free to contact us.