Marketing Challenges in Video Translation

With the development of telecommunication environments and technology, video has become a part of our everyday lives. More and more companies have come to use video as part of their marketing in recent years, as opportunities to make use of video for advertising have increased.

There remain, however, no small number of marketing managers who, despite understanding the importance of video marketing, have not taken on the challenge because they do not know where to start.

In this article, we will break down video marketing, which is essential in global business, going over the advantages of incorporating video and the challenges involved in implementing video marketing.

The Growing Video Marketing Market

Internet advertising costs have continued to grow ever since they first outstripped television advertising costs in 2019. *1

Among the reasons that have been offered to explain the growth of the video market are the overwhelming volume of information that videos transmit and changes to the digital environment. We have also seen changes to people’s lifestyles, such as a reduction in television viewing time over the pandemic, accompanied by an inverse proportional increase in internet usage time, leading us to suspect that online advertising will continue to grow in future.

GMO Research’s 2020 “Attitude Survey on Video Usage According to Marketing Managers” *2 found that marketing managers believed that online advertising would grow in importance going forward, and that video marketing would become particularly important.

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*2 Reference: GMO Runs “Attitude Survey On Video Usage According to Marketing Managers”: The Effective Use of Video Ensures Impressions Received by Viewers and Their Level of Understanding; Challenges Remain in Securing the Labor Hours for Video Production | News | Online Advertising GMO NIKKO Inc. (koukoku.jp) (Japanese only)

Advantages of Using Video Marketing

The biggest advantage of video is the overwhelming volume of information it provides. Including captions and narration allows advertisers to further increase this information volume. In the same vein, because videos can be translated into foreign languages, or from foreign languages into your language , they are an optimal means to raise the appeal of your company in a global business context.

Video marketing also has the advantage that advertisers can often clearly see the ages and genders of their viewers, so they can easily put out ads that are optimized to their target demographics.

Video also synergizes well with social media, so it is perfect for the critical role of raising brand awareness in marketing campaigns.

Video can also transmit your brand image not only through visuals, but also through elements such as background music. This lets you appeal to both visual and auditory senses in your branding, making it easier to win fans and repeaters.

Challenges in Running Video Marketing

We have seen no small number of cases where companies are aware of the need to adopt video in their marketing to keep with the times but struggle to act. This is because they are left with a variety of questions and concerns, such as not knowing how running video marketing differs from television commercials and not knowing how to pick the right media for their campaigns.

Companies may also procrastinate due to a pile up of issues such as production anxieties and lack of personnel, or concerns over translation issues in the context of global business.

That is why marketing managers can get peace of mind by choosing a service with marketing knowledge and translation expertise to do away with a wide range of such concerns.

Toin Video Translation

At Toin, we take care of your translating and creating videos that are crucial to your company’s marketing. We support marketing activities by providing services that span the full spectrum of audio-visual translation, from script translation, subtitling and the insertion of onscreen text to creating and editing the final video file. Once you have selected the narration and overdubbing to suit your wishes and aims, Toin can support you through a full, multilingual video production process that goes beyond the bounds of simple translation to encompass everything from post-dubbing video editing to planning, shooting, and editing videos.

Additionally, we can also work with clients on other video creation and editing projects to meet their needs, for example, creating audio-visual and voice content for online training and e-learning, localizing practice problem sets, replacing, and fixing onscreen text and materials to suit the target locality, creating background music for content, and creating specialized CG.

Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about Toin’s video services, including video translation and translation services for multilingual video.


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