Conveying a Message that Resonates with Transcreation

In recent years, there are more and more digitally savvy consumers who have new values and consumer behaviors, especially among Millennials and Generation Z. If you want to target a different group than your existing consumers, you will need to change your marketing approach. Yet still, many marketers may not know how to best communicate their message to their targets.

In this article, we will explain how to convey a marketing message that resonates, as well as how to use transcreation for translation, which will affect your marketing success.

Marketing and a Message That Resonates

It is said that to have successful marketing, it is important to differentiate yourself from competitors. But when trying to get ahead of the curve, it is crucial not to mistake a message that resonates with one that is only trying too hard to be different.

When conveying something that resonates, you don’t have to narrow your focus and only aim for a small target with a deliberately strange message. Instead, it is important to provide useful information, as well as information about products and services that consumers want, in a way that matches the consumption behavior of the target audience. A message that resonates and is well summarized helps the target customer feel that the product or service is suited to them, has more value than other products or services, and is worth their while.

Strategies for Marketing Messages That Resonate

In consideration of recent changes in consumer values and behavior, an effective ways to gain empathy with messages that resonate is to implement the following three marketing strategies:

1. Establish a brand purpose
2. Diversify avenues of information and sales channels
3. Provide personalized information

When using marketing strategies that resonate, it is important to understand what defines modern consumers and how to convey to them the image your company wants them to have. The key to success in marketing that resonates is not to force information, but to provide information that builds trust.

Steps for Resonating Messages that Affect Marketing Success

In the next step, the resonating message must be verbalized:

1. Who is it for?
2. What will it convey?
3. How will it be conveyed?

By clarifying these questions, you can create marketing slogans that suit the target audience. But translating a message that is already in a foreign language can result in situations where the phrase doesn’t resonate or isn’t easily understandable. That’s because if the “who” isn’t identified properly, you’ll lose sight of the “what” and “how.”

If you can successfully link the message your company wants to convey to the information the target audience is looking for, the message will resonate and more effectively appeal to them.

Using Transcreation for Messages That Resonate

Translation alone isn’t enough to convey a message that resonates. One idea to achieve this is to use “transcreation,” which is sometimes referred to as catchphrase-like translation. Transcreation isn’t about making an eccentric translation, but rather one that is optimized for the target audience.

Transcreation is a translation that conveys a message that sticks with your targeted readers, which is exactly what a marketing initiative needs.

Things to Keep in Mind When Requesting a Transcreation

For transcreation, it’s important to have good communication with the translation company. If you want a translation that makes your marketing strategy successful, it is essential to share information about what message you want to convey to whom and how you will do so.

If you leave everything up to the translation company, you may end up with a disappointing resulting transcreation that misses the point. The safest route is to request a transcreation after you have prepared the message you want to convey, so it is also wise to choose a translation company with which it is easy to communicate.

Toin’s Transcreation

One of the strengths of Toin’s transcreations is writing ability. With Toin’s wealth of experience training translators who have marketing knowledge, we can help you enhance appeal by providing optimal translations and transcreations that fit your needs.

Through transcreation, we provide meaningful information that customers want to know and a message that sticks with them in order to help lead your global business to success. If you are looking for effective marketing and branding, we encourage you to consider Toin’s transcreation service.


At Toin, we use over half a century of know-how to produce translations that convey what makes your products special, and the image you want your company or brand to portray. Whether you need a translation that is faithful to the original text or a transcreation that tells the story of your product or brand, We are here to help you succeed in your global business outreach.

Our meaningful transcreations appeal to the target customers, region and products using content optimized for the target and easy-to-understand expressions, leading the way to effective marketing.

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