History (chronology)

2019 Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Takara Printing Co., Ltd.
Released machine translation solution “T-tact AN-ZIN”
Acquired additional ISO 17100 certification in the field of “Finance, Economy, Legal” (JA-EN, EN-JA)
2018 Released machine translation solutions “Gen-pak” and “T-tact Ohaco”
Acquired additional ISO 17100 certification in the field of “Medicine, Pharmaceuticals” (JA-EN, EN-JA)
Acquired Fee-Charging Employment Placement Business License
2017 Acquired business license as Worker Dispatch Business
2016 Released the translation solution "T-tact" (TOIN Translation Assist by Cloud Technology) that utilizes the automatic translation engine "Minna -no-Jidou-Honyaku@TexTra®" (developed by National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT)).
2015 Acquired ISO 17100 certification
2014 Launched online translation service on the cloud
2009 Expanded EU offices
Established sales base in Colorado, USA
2008 Established Medical Department to further expand work in the medical field
Acquired the Translation and Interpretation Division of Pacific Dreams, Inc. (Portland, Oregon), a US-based Japanese language service provider
2007 Established TOIN Shanghai Corporation
Acquire business rights of Sun Global Communications, Inc.
Established EU sales base in London, England
2006 Strengthened multilingual solution business
Established Korean office as production base in Korea
Established TOIN USA to function as the head office for activities in the USA
2005 Emphasized goal to become Asia's leading localization company
Established production base in Shanghai, China to strengthen and strengthen competitiveness
Merged TOIN Human Frontier (Group company) to strengthen organizational strength
2004 Started localization business of mobile contents
Strengthened content related services
Expanded markets for fields other than computers (automobile, finance related, medical related, etc.)
2003 Established sales base in the Netherlands
Received Excellence In Localization Award from Microsoft, USA
2000 Established ISP-TOIN (merged company) in San Jose, USA
1998 Established strategic partnerships with companies in China, Taiwan and Korea
1994 Started full-scale deployment of multimedia planning and production
Completed in-house network and started internet business
1993 Started business for supporting ISO 9000 certification
1992 Entered the localization business with the wave of overseas software companies entering the Japanese market
1989 Established local subsidiary TOIN America in Atlanta
1988 Established partnership with Dashe & Thomson in the USA
1987 Established New York office
Started efforts concerning the Product Liability Act
1986 Started creating natural language processing knowledge base
1979 Started language processing research and development for machine translation with the request from a manufacturer
Joined machine translation project of Kyoto University (23rd president, Makoto Nagao)
1979 Split-off specialist staffing business department and established Specialist Inc.
1972 Started specialist staffing business related to documentation
1964 Started technical documentation service for overseas export industry
1963 Established TOIN