TOIN will Grow Together with Customers

Rysuke Okada

Now fifty-five years after its founding, TOIN has become a member of the TAKARA & COMPANY Co., Ltd. As our customers rapidly globalize, TOIN is cultivating a robust corporate culture that can keep pace with global standards. It is at this time that we have decided to pass on the baton from our Founder. As a leading company in the industry, all of TOIN has come together in our commitment to promptly delivering to you the best quality and service. Based on this company spirit, we will continue to strive to further expand our services, and to devote ourselves to helping our customers’ businesses prosper.

Representative Director and Chairperson Ryusuke, OKADA

  • 1986: Joined Nomura Securities after graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • 1990: Earned MBA at the University of Southern California
  • 2012: Joined Takara Printing Co., Ltd. after holding positions with Deutsche Securities and Nomura Securities
  • 2014: Executive Officer, Takara Printing Co., Ltd.
  • 2018: Director and Managing Executive Officer, Takara Printing Co., Ltd.
  • 2019:Inaugurated as Representative Director and Chairman, TOIN Corporation
       Director and Managing Executive Officer at the newly named TAKARA & COMPANY Co., Ltd. (Current)

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