TOIN will Grow Together with Customers

Rysuke Okada

Now fifty-five years after its founding, TOIN has become a member of the Takara Printing Group. As our customers rapidly globalize, TOIN is cultivating a robust corporate culture that can keep pace with global standards. It is at this time that we have decided to pass on the baton from our Founder. As a leading company in the industry, all of TOIN has come together in our commitment to promptly delivering to you the best quality and service. Based on this company spirit, we will continue to strive to further expand our services, and to devote ourselves to helping our customers’ businesses prosper.

Representative Director and Chairman Ryusuke, OKADA

  • 1986: Joined Nomura Securities after graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • 1990: Earned MBA at the University of Southern California
  • 2012: Joined Takara Printing Co., Ltd. after holding positions with Deutsche Securities and Nomura Securities
    Currently: Director and Managing Executive Officer, Takara Printing Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director and President, TAKARA International (Hong Kong) Limited
    Representative Director and Chariman, Translasia Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  • 2019:Inaugurated as Representative Director and Chairman, TOIN Corporation

    Riding the Winds of Global Business

    Mihoko Katsuta

    We want our clients to sell their products more and more in the global marketplace.
    This is the wish of all of us at TOIN, and it is surely the mission of TOIN to help our clients thrive.
    TOIN, as a leading company in the industries of translation, localization, and specialist staffing, has been moving forward with the aim to be "the No.1 most useful for clients".
    By making the most of project management, system development, quality assurance, and all other workflow phases, the entire company has come together to commit to continually pushing for technological innovation, and as a group of professionals — the best of the best, having the utmost quality, as well as delivering service quickly.
    Also, as the global market is demanding management resources, strengthening of multilingual solutions, development of high-skilled personnel, trustworthy partnerships, support abilities and such, we will pour all our energy to contribute to the longstanding growth of our clients.

    FounderKatsuta Mihoko

  • 1964: Established TOIN Corporation and assumed the role as Representative Director. As a pioneer in the industry, provided comprehensive service for technical documentation to customers.
  • 1979: Established Specialist Service, Inc. and assumed the role as Representative Director. Entered the specialist staffing business. (Resigned in 2000)
  • 1989: Established TOIN America, a subsidiary in Atlanta, and assumed the role as Representative Director. (Resigned in 1995)
  • 2005: Merged TOIN Corporation and TOIN Human Frontier Founder + Chairwoman. Served as Chairman of Japan Translation Federation (JTF) for 24 years, from its founding year until 2006. Currently serving as an auditor (after serving as a director) for AAMT (Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation).

    50 Years Since the Company's Founding, Looking Ahead to the Next 50 Years

    Yu Kusakabe

    Since TOIN was first established, it has always been our company policy to provide the best service to our clients. In 2013, we welcomed the company's 50th anniversary, and in 2016, I was appointed as the new company CEO. I am honored to be in the position to lead TOIN for the beginning of their new chapter, the next 50 years.
    I wonder if people 50 years ago were able to imagine the current progress of IT technology. It is said that in 2045, artificial intelligence will exceed humans. Since the founding of our business, we have been involved with work relating to words and languages. 50 years from now, I imagine our service will change dramatically. We will continue to strive with all our energy to offer the best service for our clients by being flexible to changes in the world and incorporating the latest technologies.

    PresidentYu Kusakabe

  • 2009: Graduated from Hiroshima International University / Experience as a systems engineer at several companies
  • 2012: Joined TOIN (Sales and Marketing Department), involved in new business plans/projects
  • 2016: Appointed as CEO of the company
  • 2019: Appointed as President of the company
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