TOIN’s experienced engineering team will propose optimal solutions to streamline and automate your entire workflow, including translation work, and to develop tools for each process. We can also provide technical support for your existing translation workflows, including the introduction of machine translation, selection of translation support tools, and effective use of translation assets, taking into account the unique characteristics of the project.

If you would like to meet with us in person, our engineers can join the meeting, so please feel free to contact us directly if you have any technical problems or concerns.


In recent years, demand is increasing for the localization of videos that demostrate appeal at exhibitions, on web pages, etc. Not only can TOIN translate scripts, but we can also provide transcription (dictation), video subtitling, voice-overs (in our in-house recording studio), video file editing, and final file format conversion and output.
In addition, using speech synthesis (text-to-speech) technology enables low-cost, quick delivery.
*Speech synthesis (text-to-speech) technology generates speech mechanically, without the need for actual human resources. Japanese voices (male, female) are available.

If you are looking for video production from the planning stage, please contact us for consultation about shooting video, video editing, and composing background music, etc.


e-Learning is not only used in educational institutions, but its purpose is diversifying to include in-house training for companies and training courses on products and services for end users. Furthermore, technological innovation has made it possible for users to learn from their tablets and smartphones regardless of location or time, increasing the demand for the translation of e-Learning content. In addition to translation, TOIN has achieved consistent globalization of e-Learning content, including course layout, audio, and the above-mentioned multimedia. We also support a wide range of languages other than English and Japanese.

Online Help/Web Help

The Help button appears at the edge of the screen when you launch a new application. The more specialized the application or product, the more concise and clear the help text needs to be. In addition to the quality of the translation, it is also important to ensure that help text is consistent with the user interface words actually used in the application itself. Making effective use of translation support tools, TOIN performs further mechanical checks to ensure the quality of the entire help content, including unified terminology, batch replacement, links, table of contents, and search functions, before authoring (outputting the final help).


With the rapid spread of smartphones and SNS, the ability of online content to attract customers has become one of the key elements of companies’ marketing strategies. To meet the demand for “multilingualization of websites,” TOIN has been providing localization using the most suitable method for various content management systems (CMS). Feel free to consult with us for your corporate blogs, page-by-page translations, and regular translation diff updates.


TOIN also offers a variety of solutions in the field of machine translation, which is becoming more and more accurate every year. Please contact us if you have any requests about implementing plug-ins to link machine translation with translation support tools

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